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Many people in the tech world are entering into turmoil now. They’re looking for their next gig or trying to make sense of the chaos around them. How did we get here? Why are things like this? What are we going to do now?

In early 2009, I was affected by a similar downturn. In one of the most bizarre experiences I had gone through, I was looking for work with about 30 other people in my unit. We had to come in to work and look for work to get paid.

While the experience was trying and stressful, it pushed me to find a wonderful opportunity that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. And in that opportunity, I met two wonderful co-founders who launched the next career. And in that work, I connected with the people who I work with now.

In the turmoil that many are facing now, highly talented people will eventually find opportunities in new, smaller companies. Some will find this the push to do something big that they’ve always wanted to do. And for some of those, it will lead to the next unicorns.

The silver lining of the layoffs is that it’s coming at a time when generative AI tools are becoming powerful and easy to use. The applications and the market fit for these hasn’t come out yet, so it’s possible we will see very innovative applications.

I hope for the all those experiencing the loss of work to have an easy transition to a new role and for those who feel the time is right, the strength to weather pushing their ideas into reality.



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