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I unboxed the Echo Auto today. I haven’t set it up yet. However, I paid attention to how I was feeling. Truly, I got excited more that I had a replacement USB car charger.

Echo Auto was a lot like a Kickstarter project. It came out almost a year ago, had a long pre-order time, and then when I finally got it, well… my excitement had waned. I’ve upgraded my phone since then and found that Google Assistant works even with the volume up and with road noise. I like having a screen to see if my text messages have gone through. Heck, I like using phone control through voice.

So what could Amazon do to make things more exciting for an Echo Auto? Maybe an Echo Auto Show? Maybe a device that doesn’t rely on a cell phone and has its own 4G/5G communications built in. Maybe it uses Amazon’s coming global satellite coverage? Maybe it makes my car autonomous or turns it into an Amazon delivery vehicle when I’m not using it.

We have to add more “nexts” to the “next great thing” for things to remain exciting.

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