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“Ah-meh-zing” — Ron G.

Ten years ago, when Apple came out with the iPhone, it was revolutionary. Why? Because Apple made great computers and MP3 players and the idea of someone brand new going up against the Nokias and Blackberries of the world was exciting. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but it’s harder to get excited about new releases. Now, it’s not enough for something to be even twice as good as a previous generation, it needs to be 10x better for it to turn heads.

If you recall the hype before the Segway’s release in 2001, it was supposed to change cities and transportation. It fizzled on release.

Even a similar iPhone-type potential, the Essential phone, doesn’t receive the hype it would have because in the end — it’s the same form factor. In fact, any new iteration of the smart phone is probably not going to cause any where close to the hype of the original iPhone. In fact, the next “next big thing” is probably not going to be hardware at all.

What might be the next wow-inspiring product would be an AI to unify all of the hardware we have and be able to do things for us that frees up our time. What if it were an email service that automatically responded to people in our inbox? What if it cleared up our schedules to have swathes of time for focused work?

Whatever hardware comes out has to have a much stronger intelligence behind it for it to get hype today.

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