The Little (Annoying) Things

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Sometimes, it’s the solution to the little annoying things that create that can launch an empire. “Scratching one’s own itch”, “dog fooding”, or other similar parabolae. However, many times it’s just one’s one itch that needs scratching and not anyone else’s.

Then there are the things that make you feel itchy. I didn’t know I needed a tool to clean the dirt in the windowsill but it does seem handy. Those black and white shots of having to bend to clean seem true.

I found myself sometimes obsessing for weeks on the little annoying things. In one case, it was the little bit of black mold that appeared in a shower. It finally took ordering a small wire brush to easily and completely remove this. What a relief.

For me, there was already a company that produced wire brushes, this probably doesn’t annoy as many people, and the wire brush as a new product doesn’t seem compelling. Better to stick with products that are more defensible, have some uniqueness, and solve a large number of peoples’ itches.

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