The Know-It-All and Neuralink

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From the Neuralink announcement video.

A few days ago, Elon Musk came out with more details about Neuralink, the brain machine interface that he hopes will allow us to keep up with / merge with AI. I’m wondering if it might be the demise of the know-it-all.

It could end the know-it-all in two ways: 1) Everyone will have one and the know-it-all will not be able to share his knowledge with those who aren’t know-it-alls; or 2) Everyone will need the help of the Neuralink-enhanced know-it-all and he won’t be able to educate his contemporaries.

Knowing-it-all used to be a craft. By luck or by focused energy, the know-it-all would be exposed to knowledge that others were not exposed to and would wait for the opportunity to demonstrate this when others spoke something incorrect or expressed that they didn’t know something. Then came the Internet, with only a mouse click from getting the answer. Then the smartphone. Now it’s Neuralink.

It looks like know-it-alls will only be able to continue to exist if they create knowledge. It means the next step isn’t looking up information, but synthesizing it. Maybe there will still be a future?

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