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Although I only sometimes book through the site or use the referral link, I use Kayak a lot of researching itineraries. Sometimes I use it use it just to daydream about going to bucket list locations. As a visual tool, it’s very effective at sorting the different options or limited towards airline alliances, time of day, cost, etc.

However, it’s implementation as a skill on Alexa is very different. It seems to be literally a knowledge filler for Alexa’s lack of knowledge in this particular domain. What I really want is to get the price of a ticket between Toronto and Maui. I don’t really care about the website brand or sorting for time - I just want to get an idea.

There is 0% chance I’ll order a ticket this way. I want to see and verify travel a few times before I book a non-refundable flight. The reason I’d do a voice search is to start my research, which would eventually take me to an online search.

Of course, what Kayak really wants is to get the referral link and fee. Perhaps it should ask me to connect my Kayak account or have it linked automatically so it could show me this search the next time I go to the site. Maybe it could email me or start to advertise.

What I want is for Alexa just to know the answer when I ask. Eventually, the referral link will need to be presented elsewhere.

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