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Potential leaked image of Google Home Hub

The trend in the second half of 2018 is to add a stand and nice speakers to a tablet. Tablets have gone through many generations. It’s been about eight years iPad came out and Moore’s Law has persevered… the current device is at least 32x more powerful than the original (quad core 2.34 GHz vs 1 GHz, 256 MB DDR vs 2 GB LPDDR4 and huge leaps in software, much more storage). This advancement has pushed the entire industry forward, with Android Tablets and Windows Surface becoming mainstream.

The next big evolution is the surface mounted screen for the home. The Microsoft Surface Studio brought finesse to the all-in-one category. Maybe Google Home Hub and Echo Show 2 will do the same (or maybe even Microsoft will come out with the Surface Home?).

I’m growing fonder of the Echo Show in my home. It still has a very weird form factor and I’m not crazy about some of the features like headlines and my calendar items being flashed on it’s screen (settings are buried in menus). However, I like that Skills have visual components to them and that it can play videos, especially instructional ones.

The new frontier for Skill and Action developers will be to start being serious about adding visual interfaces to their software. The first to do this could create a foothold for themselves.

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