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The Google Home Daily Brief doesn’t seem to work for me. It could be because I’m based in Canada, but it could also be because something is broken. Where it breaks is that after giving me weather and other information, it opens NPR’s flash brief service. NPR provides its sponsor ad and then poof… it stops.

However, when the ad played, it didn’t seem obtrusive. I associated it with other NPR ads and it wasn’t out of place. There seems to be an angle for an uproar around voice ads on the Home. However, that might be misplaced. If the ad supports access to content and it is a small fraction (<5%) of the length of the content, then it should be tolerable.

What will be interesting from Google’s perspective is whether these ads will be 1) a source of significant revenue and 2) effective for the advertiser.

Update: Google has stopped playing some ads on the Google Home but the initial posting of ads was enough to spur some thoughts on this.

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