The Buffet Is Closing

Screenshot from The Simpsons

In the late 90s and early 2000s, I used to love the daily time limited auctions and liquidator retailers. It reminded me of a Simpsons episode where Marge goes shopping at a discount retailer.

Prime Day reminded me of the feeling I’d get. It’s a feeling of loss aversion. There is a deal to be had and if I don’t take advantage of it, I’m losing out. Sales 101, right?

Even being consciousness aware of this didn’t prevent me from partaking in sales. Combined with wanting things before an upcoming move, the idea that I had to fill up my plate before the buffet was closing was mentally tiring.

Everyday, the use of AI to disarm us is getting stronger. Infinitesimally adjustable marketing, access to more data that can reveal things about us we don’t even know, and proprietary algorithms means that we are more outmatched. We need some defence.

Just like health coverage, we need personal AI coverage that will prevent us from being manipulated. Maybe this is a service that costs a monthly subscription. Maybe this is an open source platform. It could take the form of a browser or email extension that tracks what we do and nudges us when others are drive to do things we didn’t intend to do.



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