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I don’t wake up often to an alarm but today I set one just in case I slept in. I had already been awake for some time when I forgot I had set it. Sure enough, just after the wake up music, there was Bixby… she told me about the weather and commented that it was a great day for a picnic (it wasn’t… unless you’re doing Wim Hof training). However, I loved the idea of the device speaking out a briefing.

There were a few things that made it especially compelling:

  • It started with non-jarring pleasant music
  • Around the time that I would have shut off the alarm, it ducked the audio and started speaking
  • The voice was very cheerful
  • The speech was to the point

I’m excited that Samsung took the risk of presenting the alarm this way. It’s definitely a fresh take and more of what we’ll likely see from our AI agents.

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