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It seems we can now expect an Alexa Superbowl ad. Last year, Alexa lost her voice and a cadre of big stars helped her. The year before, it was “Alexa Moments”. Before that, the Alec Baldwin made a snack stadium.

This year’s big name, so far, is former Solo-ist Harrison Ford. You can check out at the first ad released here:

It seems to pick fun make fun of some of the crazier Alexa Built-In ideas. (There is an Alexa Built-In toilet). “Not Everything Makes the Cut”, to the consumer, makes it seems like Amazon thinks of a product for Alexa and it then gets rejected in user testing. To a hardware maker working in Alexa Voice Service, it has a TOTALLY different connotation. It might mean having their cool idea for a project rejected or failing on AVS certification.

Google seems to be gearing up for it’s own Google Assistant ads. Over the holidays, it released an updated Home Alone with Macauley Culkin. In this new ad, Joe Pesci reacts to it:

It’s … OK.

It seems that unlike when the first Alexa Superbowl ads came out, voice first devices are now common place. While millions of dollars are being spent on advertising, the gee wiz look at this new thing approach doesn’t seem to be there.

Amazon might be angling to get the idea of everyday objects to have Alexa Built-In seem normal and Google looks to have Google Assistant be the choice for answering questions. Both seem entrenched now while a few years ago, it seemed more like it could be anyone’s game.

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