The Alarm

Leor Grebler
Mar 13, 2021

The alarm app seems like singing ripe for innovation. There’s alarms and alerts for different reasons:

  • Wake you up
  • Remind you about something specific
  • Remind you to leave
  • Warn you about something
  • Other things, of course

For wake up, the wake up time could be adjustable by a few minutes based on accelerometer data and light readings, or phone usage at night. What if it could be automatically changed to a silent alarm if someone is using the phone, so that don’t wake up someone else?

Then there are specific reminders like cooking timer alarms — why not speak these?

Reminders to leave would have their own sound.

Warnings, well, those shouldn’t silence-able.

While their might be these capabilities in third party apps, these are features that should be native to the device.



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