Tech That Will Change the World

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Thinking again about some of the technologies that will create the biggest impact over the next 10 years, at least five come to mind that will shake up many aspects of our lives…

Autonomous Driving. Within a decade, there may be talk of outlawing manual driving in cities or on highways. This could mean a big change in taxi and Uber drivers, freight drivers, and other jobs that require long hours behind a wheel.

Electric Vehicles. If electric cars continue to develop with supporting infrastructure, we may get to a point where the economics of using electronic cars outweigh the upfront costs. This will mean a huge push to electrify fleets or personal vehicles.

Desktop 3D Printing. Over the next 10 years, the speed and accuracy of printers will increase significantly while the cost of a printer will also decrease. We may get to a point where it no longer makes sense to have a mould of a product made and it’s better just to use a small desktop printer.

Quantum Computing. We’ll soon have access to quantum computers on a processing basis like Amazon Web Services. This will lead to new applications in drug testing and discovery, custom medicine, cryptography (and cryptocurrencies), and website optimization, among others.

AI Assistants. These will get to a point where they know so much about us and how to influence us and those around us, that it will be silly to get by without this superpower. Expect power battles over these.

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