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Google put out at least two main Super Bowl ads over the past few days. One featured an elderly man asking Google Assistant to remind him about different aspects of his deceased wife while he looked at photos and videos of her. The other was a star studded ad featuring J Lo, Joe Montana, and others.

If there was an application around memory designed by Google that interviewed people over memories — that would be a really cool application to talk about. It wasn’t clear from the ad if that’s really the case or it’s just a concept about where Google is going. Fast forward 50 years and it’ll be crazy to go back and realize that an entire lifetime is online in full detail. If we can start capturing the emotions, thoughts, ideas that we think, we can be transported back to ourselves in the future.

As for the star studded ads… meh. These seemed a bit tired. What do people Google before or during the Super Bowl? Guacamole recipes? J Lo? While still very popular, Super Bowl has a declining viewership. And people are consuming the game differently. Google’s ads for Assistant, at least this year, weren’t that noteworthy.

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