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Amazon announced yesterday a huge update to the Echo Tap — that it now has handsfree mode. Even if the range is shorter and barge in might not function as well as the original Echo (to be tested), this is a huge illustration of what’s need for all IoT devices — Over The Air (OTA) updates.

When we were building the Ubi, one of the largest undertakings was setting up the infrastructure to support OTA updates. We knew that V1 of what we shipped was going to require a ton of refinement and we needed to ensure that there was a way for early clients to be able to benefit from these.

The Tap update shows the importance of this functionality. It completely changed the interface from push-to-talk to a portable Echo and ups the value of the device in many ways.

Those hardware companies that are looking to add AVS or any other voice service should always ensure that there is a way to update a device, or even service it, remotely. This ensures that the value of the device continues to appreciate even after shipment.

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