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Yesterday, I mentioned that one of the ways that Amazon could steal Apple’s thunder around the 2/9 shipping of HomePod was to do something crazy like make your voice the text to speech synthesis of Alexa-enabled devices.

Would that be crazy?

What is the voice in our heads? How does it sound? With technologies like Lyrebird and VoCo and with the huge number of speech samples any user is giving to Alexa, it’s within reach for Alexa’s voice to become yours.

Would you listen to the device more? How would you respond to suggestions? Would it creep you out? Your family? Would it matter if the voice is speaking out through an Echo or if it’s in your head through AirPods? Could the voice be made to whisper?

This does seem crazy but better to contemplate the idea of hearing our own voice externally before it just shows up.

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