Spending on Things Closest To Us

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About 11 years ago, I attempted to write a blog called The Thrifty Thought. It was about saving money / getting more value. It was just around the time blogging was becoming a thing. After many dozen posts, I started to run out of ideas. Saving money can only motivate someone so much…

A few years later, I republished it as a an e-book and made a few dollars as an Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher. I had intended to publish for free but that wasn’t an easily available option at the time (and still isn’t).

In thinking about value, I was able to take away a few ideas that have still stuck with me. Toilet paper, for example (and pardon the pun).

One of the ideas was that we shouldn’t skimp on the things that have a direct impact and us or are the things that we’ll be exposed to often or for long periods of time. If you’re the type that spends 12 hours a day in bed, maybe splurging on the hotel room vs the flight makes sense in a vacation. The most direct example was in springing for better toilet paper. Yes, you can save 20% on something cheaper but you’ll feel it.

The same principle applies to the effort spend on UX design… spend the most on the areas with the closest exposure. But don’t go overboard.

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