Speech to Action on Apps

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Today, I decided to swipe through and look for an app instead of use voice to find it. On a good day, I’d use the Bixby button on my S8 to say “Open GreenP” but I didn’t feel like facing the potential failure of the device to perform. It was easier just to search.

The culprits to my poor experience in the past were:

  • The phone connected to a previous WiFi network that required an authentication (e.g. Starbucks) and Bixby spat out a connectivity error (I still don’t understand why the phone wouldn’t then bypass this and go to LTE)
  • The endpoint detection failed and I was left hanging on and waiting for the speech to be accepted.
  • There was a delay of a second or two in the device carrying out the action
  • I just didn’t want to hear the Bixby chime awarding me points and an overly cheerful response from Bixby

So, I used swipe and app look up instead. It likely took s asimilar amount of time as I’m used to doing this action.

The takeaway: poor voice experiences linger in users for a long time! Beware of this when implementing Skills, Actions, or embedded voice on hardware.

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