Speculations on a Far Field Siri Device

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So there are some stories that Apple might be announcing it’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home next month at WWDC. It’s been nearly four years since Apple had received a patent for a Siri dock so it’s high time that they release something to market.

Between now and June 5, we’re likely to see images and rumours spread, but here are some thoughts just based on observing Apple’s behaviour so far:

  • The device would not replace the iPhone/iPad and Siri wouldn’t likely work without these present. Apple’s thinking: Why would anyone not have their iPhone nearby them? Maybe it will allow for Macbooks to also connect but probably not.
  • The device will likely connect via BT and use a local Siri wake word to call the iPhone/iPad and then interact through the iOS device’s Siri functionality.
  • Apple Music will be a key part of this device. It *might* function for music without an iPhone present.
  • The device will have far field microphones.
  • There may be some other presence sensors on board. Maybe it’ll also be used to communicate to home automation devices.
  • It could be a bridge for HomeKit enabled devices.

We’ll see if any of this is right in 30 days.

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