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Live events might be the last refuge for connecting entertainment content makers directly with their audience. Every other content channel seems to quickly reduced every piece of content to commodity. To counter this, bands made famous on YouTube start to travel and perform, podcasters begin their own advertising and doing live podcasts for audiences, and spectator events create more experiences, whether it’s exclusive and fully catered box suites at sports games or behind-the-scenes tours at Cirque du Soleil.

Perhaps there’s a play around voice first devices to connect audiences and creators? Some ideas:

  • A live podcast where those listening in can call in via their Echos and talk to the host/ask questions
  • The sound of a thousand hands clapping: what if your input could be mixed with thousands of other microphones to create the sound of the audience
  • On that note… the sing along. Creating a choir with live Echo audience (or karaoke via the Show)
  • Live vlogging through an Echo Show or Echo Spot

There’s a path to exclusive content through these devices.

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