Speaking Behind Show’s Back

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A few extra days with the show and here are some more thoughts…

First, I have the show setup on a ledge between the kitchen and the living room. With that, I can often be speaking to the show from behind it. One of the more frustrating experiences is that there are no visible indicators when you’re behind it. No LEDs on top like the Echo. The result, it’s hard to know if it’s triggered.

Also, the speakers are directional, making it harder to hear the Show when it does respond.

Also, when I have a touch display that isn’t an iOS device, I seem to expect an Android experience and it gets a bit frustrating when I can’t open a browser or play music through touch if touch is available.

I’m eager to try out calling (whenever I can hack it to work) but it seems at least for my usage, the original Echo or Echo Dot is where my desires take me.

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