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At least two decades ago, I remember listening to Ask Dr. Science on Real Audio Player. For my early teen humour, this program was perfect and I marvelled at how quirky Dr. Science was (remember… he’s not a real scientist). Back then, I had much more time to consume content but what I appreciate now is the bite size format of this program.

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ROI… Radio On Internet

Ask Dr. Science would never have been available to me unless I was on a car trip somewhere where NPR played (hundreds of kilometres away) and if we were tuned to the station at the exact time.

Likelihood of having heard Ask Dr. Science before the Internet.

With RealAudio, that changed and new content was easily accessible.

While YouTube made it possible for people to share short videos, there’s a ripe opportunity for audio snippets and short form content to be shared through audio first and voice first products, such as the Echo or Google Home.

Podcasts are great for commuters with long drives. Audio snippets are great for those looking for a diversion or some distraction during manual tasks.

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