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Anthony Quintano from Hillsborough, NJ, United States [CC BY 2.0 (]

“Hey, snap out of it!”

That’s what I want my device to tell me when I’m zoned out.

A few years back, as a Tim Ferriss fanboy, I tried all sorts of life hacks to try to be more efficient. More recently (the past few years), I’ve found monthly challenges and experiments as the best catalyst for change and trying new things. In my Four Hour Workweek obsessive days, I’d tried out-of-office emails, using RescueTime to focus on one task at a time, or get tomato timer.

The latter finally worked and I’m onto focusing with a double tomato timer.

However, one dream application would be to use a laptop camera to track my emotions or focus and nudge me when it detects I’m staring into space, lost in thought. It could chime to snap out of it. Sure, it would be annoying at times, but maybe it would lead to more productivity and kill off attention wandering.

Would it make technology my taskmaster?

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