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In between Tomato Timer sessions (25 minute single-task spurts), I might consume a video to re-centre or get a content snack. YouTube is fantastic for this. We have so much neural infrastructure to process video that we can consume and digest it with ease. There’s less room for interpretation in video content compared with other content.

Audio is different. It takes longer to get to make the point, to get the message, or to process the information. Sometimes, full understanding of what was said might happen a few hours later. Audio-only content is usually consumed nowadays when people’s vision would be required elsewhere like during a commute or working out.

However, if you stay along for the journey, audio can be even more impactful, completely transporting you to a different place in a way that’s much more visceral than 2D video. It takes an investment and effort.

Just like Netflix, HBO, AMC and Amazon have used Internet distribution to revolutionize content creation that has led to a renaissance for TV shows, Google Play Music, iTunes, Stitcher, and others have done the same for audio content. New, personalized content can be hand picked that is riveting.

My concern for audio-only spoken content is that with the arrival of self-driving cars, the last bastion is disappearing. If car commuting becomes work time, we’ll devolve to video consumption only. Perhaps by that time, AI will relieve us of unglamorous work that we can carve out Podcast time during the day.

In the meantime, enjoy some of this slow brew…

Dan Carlin — Hardcore History

Malcolm Gladwell — Revisionist History



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