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All the excitement yesterday of Google Home’s launch, I nearly overlooked a new visitor to my desktop. I’m a sucker for software updates and when I saw macOS Sierra was ready (10.12), I went ahead and downloaded and installed it.

After the install, my mac froze four times over the course of three hours which had never happened since it’s purchase. It seemed to settle down after awhile (it might have been new iPhoto backups causing the issue).

Not being an iPhone user in years, I haven’t used Siri in awhile and wanted to feel it in action on the mac. It’s easy enough to access through two icons on the dock and top bar but accessing through a click sets a high bar. You have to really want to ask Siri something to interrupt your task to use Siri this way. Even the keyboard shortcut requires too much time to access (maybe half a second of holding two keys simultaneously).

What’s missing from the desktop Siri is voice triggering. I’ll be trying out this hack to get it to work handsfree. However, if there’s any latency, it’ll kill the experience.

I applaud Apple for taking this step to create a unified voice experience. The other players should follow suit. Why isn’t there an “OK Google” Google Assistant trigger for Chrome? Why doesn’t Amazon provide an official Alexa Chrome extension with AVS?

On some days, I might be in front of my mac’s screen for 12 hours at a time. There are times I’d love to be able to ask to play a song or make a quick purchase. Apple, Google, and Amazon are missing this opportunity.

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