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If you can smell what the Rock is cooking, it’s ads with Apple. They’re showcasing all the things the Siri can do, if you didn’t already know. Some of it might be new things, but it’s hard to determine what might have been available for years.

As Siri gets set to move itself off of a macOS/iOS platform and into the HomePod, what are some of the features that could be available that could make it at least on par with the Echo / Home?

Some ideas:

  • Initiating FaceTime on the HomePod
  • Find My Phone from the HomePod
  • Understanding breathing rate and tracking movement at home (maybe even sleep)
  • Tracking the healthiness of a home environment
  • Streaming to multiple iPhones
  • iPhone based intercom system
  • iMessaging

Of course, there could be other features that could set the HomePod apart from the Echo / Home but these would be pretty neat.

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