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Earlier this week, at CES, Kohler announced an Alexa enabled (or built-in) Bluetooth speaker. A voice enabled device in the bathroom is a difficult proposition for all involved. From a user perspective, it means fewer places to escape from technology and microphones (the Echo Flex is already meant for the bathroom). From a hardware perspective, voice in the bathroom is difficult because of water noise and high reverberation.

The one thing I’m not a huge fan of is that the device needs to be recharged after 5 hours of use. This means that the device is now like a pet that needs to be taken care of. Better that:

1. The device only becomes active when the shower is turned on, saving power.

2. The device is powered by the flow of water.

3. The device uses some weird physics to manipulate the flow of water to create sound.

That would be cool.

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