Silence Gets Filled With Conspiracy

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There was important lesson I learned from observing other Kickstarter campaigns in the lead up to our launch of the Ubi. That lesson came back to me after hearing some complaints about how long NASA was taking to share images of Perseverance’s journey.

We learned the importance of answering and addressing comments and feedback as quickly as possible. We could remain on top of our narrative when we were addressing questions before they were being answered by angry backers of the project.

We saw with other projects that a little snowflake of concern could quickly turn into an avalanche of complaints.

Comment #1: Wonder when we’ll get our orders.

Comment #2: There hasn’t been an update recently. I wonder if they’re working on this project.

Comment #5: They aren’t responding. Typically Kickstarter scammers.

Comment #10: This is definitely a scam. I’m suing them. We should all sue them.

For anyone moving forward with a public facing project, it’s important to keep open with constant communication.



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