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Sitting on the jet bridge, waiting to board this flight, I was staring at my phone wondering if I should use Bixby. Probably my only use for Bixby is to enable mobile hotspot on my phone. The Bixby button is convenient, easy to find, reactive… it just doesn’t touch what Google does.

I’d use Google Assistant much more if it were mapped to that button. The long touch of the haptic home button on the Galaxy just takes too long to make it something I’d use often.

However, I didn’t want to speak. I didn’t the person next to me to say “Open hotspot”. Maybe it’s that I’m an introvert, but there’s something mildly aggravating both to use voice commands in public or to hear other people do this. Same with hearing someone dictate a message. Strangely, hearing one side of a conversation is not aggravating. So, I decided to take the five seconds to go through the hotspot setup gymnastics on my phone:

  1. Unlock phone.
  2. Swipe down
  3. Select settings
  4. Select Connections
  5. Select Mobile Hotspot
  6. Turn on the hotspot switch

The “Should I use voice interaction?” question is enough of a cognitive load that I will default to not using it on my phone if I’m around others or if I there’s even a remote doubt that it will work because of connectivity issues or recent failed attempts.

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