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From Amazon

The Amazon Echo Input started shipping recently. It seems it also started to be available international. The device acts as a far field microphone that outputs to your speaker via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio jack. It was announced as part of the huge product announcement by Amazon in September.

Reading the reviews on Amazon, the device is seen as “meh-raculous”. Some use it for their car and are happy but some ask why bother and just get a Dot (which also has audio output). “A solution in search of a problem,” says one reviewer.

The Echo Input is great for audiophiles who are married to their current speakers or for those with want to mount the mics in different places where a speaker might not fit. Maybe some mounting equipment could be helpful in making it even better.

I’d have loved (or maybe I’d have hated) to sit in the product management meetings where the Echo Input went from idea to reality. Which forces were driving the idea forward? What was the market pull? Even after the device has been released, I’m still not sure of the answers.

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