Seven Minute Abs


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The 1998 movie Something About Mary has an amazing bit about 7-minute abs. It’s worth a watch:

The gist is that someone wants to ride on the success of 8-Minute Abs by coming out with a 7-Minute Abs… same workout, 1 minute less!

The reason I recalled this was after looking at YouTube recommendations. Immediately after watching a few on GPT4, I’m presented with another called “What we know about GPT5”. I mean… come on! Literally a day after it comes out, we’re already wondering what’s next or what’s better.

The truth is that we still don’t know what we have with GPT4. Only a few people started to play with it and are still being surprised at its capabilities.

We can be a bit patient. Otherwise, we’ll need to request the 8th minute for free.



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