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Thinking more about the Amazon Echo Look, it seems to be all about the Selfie. The selfie is a weird phenomenon and tries to help us bridge the gap between how we view ourselves and how we actually look. Of course, how we see ourselves isn’t really who we are and it’s definitely not how others see us. This difference can cause a lot of anxiety, especially among teenagers who are still trying to make up in their minds who they should be. We try out different looks and look outside to seek validation.

What the Echo Look has a the power of doing is taking this insecurity and slowly weaning the user off of the need for external acceptance. What if Alexa started to comment back on how the user looked — first convincing the user of its amazing ability to determine fashion, reassuring the user that he or she is beautiful, and then slowly telling them that they don’t really need Alexa’s advice.

Could technology then help us overcome our weaknesses and make us better people?

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