Samsung TV with Google Assistant

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Photo by Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia (Creative Commons) via Wikimedia Commons

If Cortana and Alexa have become friends, Bixby and Google Assistant seem to be as well. First, the latter two reside side by side on Galaxy phones. Now, it appears Samsung TVs will also have Google Assistant built in, as reported last week by The Verge.

It seems that the voice assistants are becoming OK with working within their strengths. At least with Alexa and Cortana, Alexa is more for consumer focused tasks and Cortana is for business-y type interactions like checking Outlook calendar and CRM. Could Bixby be more geared for device control where Google Assistant is more for content and questions and answers.

Samsung had announced Bixby in all its devices by 2020 at least six months ago. So why not go more aggressive and have it as the only assistant, especially in non-mobile devices? Samsung has lacked some confidence in this area and it shouldn’t. Siri doesn’t apologize.

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