Round Up of Voice at CEDIA 2016

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CEDIA 2016, the exhibition to showcase new home technologies and geared towards the professional installer network, just finished up in Dallas yesterday. In terms of new technologies, there were no huge breakthroughs and reveals there. 4K TVs, HDMI over ethernet, fiberoptic lighting, and all sorts of security cameras, speakers, and home automation systems.

However, there was definitely a new presence — Amazon. This was the first major show I can recall where there was an Alexa booth.

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There were also several sessions run at CEDIA for design Alexa Skills and using the Alexa Home Automation APIs. The new Echo Dot was presented and there was a well attended keynote run by Alexa GM for Smart Home, Charlie Kindel. The big push was to show Lutron and Crestron integrations with Alexa and that other home automation devices could easily be controlled and added to the Alexa ecosystem. Amazon is making a push to bring in more home automation devices under the Alexa umbrella.

They were also showing of the Nucleus Intercom as another AVS-enabled devices. However, AVS didn’t make as much of a splash since it wasn’t really the marketplace for that. There were many speaker makers and brands but they were positioning towards the installer. That said, there was still a lot of interest and plans to add voice to these devices.

A minor presence was Google in both Nest and Cast forms. Google Cast had a booth showing new speaker integrations with high end makers but the Nest booth was crickets and fairly boring. We’ll see if things are different at CES.

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