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Photo by Jennifer Boyer via Flickr

Many years ago, I’d have somewhat of a snarky attitude towards drive thru patrons. I’d park my little Corolla and waltz inside to get my coffee and think about how gas guzzling SUVs and minivans would wait in long queues, taking longer than walking inside. Sometimes, I’d get extra snarky by timing how much faster I was getting service than another person who was in the car in the drive thru.

Then I had kids.

My perspective changed entirely. Getting in and out of a car becomes an ordeal. With two kids, there’s a power law. Park, unbuckle one, unbuckle another, find a way inside, wait in queue, carry hot liquid back to car, buckle in one, buckle in another.

Now, I think of my ignorance and even disdain of my youth. Just this evening, I used a drive thru to get a carton of milk to refill a bottle. It took less than a minute compared to five of eardrum piercing screams if I had gone to a convenience store and had to have left the car.

I worry about two things: first, how much wasted energy there is on being angry at people without seeing their perspective and, second, what blindspots are most of us still holding today that will be a bit embarrassing when they’re revealed to us? How can we see them sooner?

A few years ago, we had a literal blindspot with the Ubi. We had the device present a solid blue color to indicate that it was in setup mode. We were then informed of two things that should have been painfully obvious to us. One was that 10% of the population is color blind and can’t tell the difference between blue and other colors. Two was that some people can’t see at all. The solution was to put a flashing light and to play Zach Sprach Zarathustra during setup.

Maybe we should make it a personal challenge every few months to seek out our blindspots?

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