Remembering More Networks

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Given how much Google and Amazon know about me, I’m OK with them sharing my WiFi passwords with other devices that I own from them. This evening, in cleaning up the office, I connected two devices that had been connected to different networks awhile.

While the network setup was easy on both the Echo Dot and the Chromecast, it seemed a little redundant. First, I didn’t have to enter my network password on either setup. Either my credentials were saved on some other device to be shared during setup or Android was able to share this information.

However, I still had to go through a network setup in the first place. What would have been the idea scenario? It would have been that I plug in the device and it just connects. How? Maybe a list of networks and passwords could be pushed to all of my devices so that if they are ever moved around, they just need to power up and look for the network name. Alternatively, their could be a separate hidden SSID broadcast by devices that are online (like another Echo or Google Home) that the newly connected device could search for and have credentials passed.

It’s 2019 and we’re still dealing with 2012 WiFi setup issues. We should be beyond this!

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