Recalling the Coolest

The Coolest Cooler was a phenomenon. From a Kickstarter maker perspective, it was aggravating to see such a “simple” product take off. Where was the innovation? Where was the tech, the world-shattering idea?

It seemed cruel like it could get all the attention when it was mechanical and simple in nature and we were struggling to create something of complex that changed the relationship with a computer.

One of my co-founders told me once something that has stuck with me. Even if you see a successfully campaign in terms of funding, you have no idea if the project is actually “successful”. Our project cost us to deliver more than 5x what we brought in on Kickstarter, for example. You don’t know how much marketing is being spent or who gets what cut.

Also, there are things that can prevent virality but not guarantee it. Coolest got those elements right and it took off.

I feel for the creators and the roller coaster ride they must have gone through. I hope that they’re able to run something new, simpler, that can get the backing of the loyal Coolest fans.



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