Reading Reviews on Facebook Portal

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A few weeks back, I finally saw a Facebook Portal in the flesh. It looked good… like a desktop version of the Nucleus tablet. One thing that surprised me is that it was receiving many very positive reviews.

If you’re someone who uses Facebook Messenger to talk to family, this seems like it would be a great device, especially for talking with family members who might not be as technologically adept. A good screen and camera can make things much easier than speaking on a phone.

What was also interesting was reading the negative, one-star reviews. It seems that these didn’t give Portal a fair shake:

  • People were upset that a Facebook device had a camera (umm… then why did you buy it?)
  • They had purchased it at a reduced price from the Amazon Treasure Truck (it seems buying at a cheap price does not lead to lower expectations for tech)
  • It didn’t have the features that they wanted (e.g. Alexa Calling… which isn’t yet supported on third party hardware).

It’d be great to see more third party devices with calling on multiple platforms. My wishlist: Facetime on non-Apple devices. I know it won’t happen.

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