Reacquainted with Assistant

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Doing a bit of tidy up, I put my Home Mini in primary real estate a few days ago so that it became the main virtual assistant around the kitchen. There are some things I like it about it more than Alexa:

  • It’s much more knowledgeable. I can ask about planets, the age of the sun, how long it will be before the sun grows to reach the earth, the population of wherever. It will attempt to give a concise answer.
  • It’s loud and it picks up voice well, even at a distance, even though it’s the Mini.
  • It has pretty good barge in capability.

This is comparing it to my Echo Show 5". However, in some ways still prefer:

  • Echo Show 5" has a clock display which is helpful, especially that it darkens at night.
  • It’s hard to see when the Home Mini is reacting and when it isn’t — the lights aren’t clear.
  • I’m still not certain about the touch interfaces on the Mini. I know there is volume control, but it doesn’t seem intuitive and requires reading up on the website.

I think I prefer having two assistants around to work around each other’s deficiencies.

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