Quantum Computing As A Service (QCaaS)

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Quantum computing has the power to quickly solve problems that would take normal computers much longer. Truthfully, some of the mechanics of quantum computing is beyond me and I’m still figuring out the applications but one trend that we’ll likely see is that owning a quantum computing will be too cumbersome (at least initially) so companies will start leasing out time on their QCs. This is like the main frame model (or anything labeled “XaaS” over the past decade). Some applications:

  • Protein folding. This takes huge amounts of computing power today.
  • New blockchain technology. Imagine a quantum version of encryption that records a ledger or mines of quantum computing based coins.
  • Drug discovery (similar to protein folding).

IBM is offering this service as IBM Q, Alibaba is also offering a quantum solution. Might Google (which owns D Wave) follow? Amazon, maybe as an April Fool’s joke in 2010, announced Quantum Compute Cloud (QC2).

The biggest issue is that the data that would be worked on using quantum computing might be so sensitive that using a service for this might be like outsourcing spending time with your family.

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