Pushing Out Little Things

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What’s your flower budget?

A few years back, I read this line in Tom Peter’s Little BIG Things. It stuck with me that many of our positive experiences are coloured by a little gesture that people have done.

The joke the receptionist made. Handing out meals to kids first on a flight. The video that played when my first Macbook was powered on. The type of USB power cable provided with a device. The hand written note put into the package.

The little things indicate to users that this product, service, software, Skill, etc. was designed by someone who was thinking about them and wanted them to enjoy the product. Someone was caring about their work. However, it actually indicates a lot more than that.

Why? Because organizations like to pound out the quirks and even out the bumps. Did Marketing approve that insert? Did Legal approve Marketing’s message? What’s the cost of the insert? Organizations seek complacency and clear instructions. So it’s not just that someone who wants to create a little thing needs to care about their work, they need to care enough to overcome all of the obstacles that their company will try to put in the way of their work.

The nice thing is that if a company has enough people who care to push things through, the resistance to creating a unique experience diminishes a bit. If one’s starting out a company, better to instill that independence from the onset.

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