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Walkie Talkie from Stranger Things

Yesterday, I was thinking about Alexa Announcements and what’s it’s like to get a push announcement by voice. I liked how Alexa played a pre-message chime. Today, I’m thinking more about push notification everywhere.

We experimented with that for the app UbiSPEAK. With the app, one of your designated contacts could push an announcement to your phone and it would speak out immediately. We also had the ability to automatically record and send back a response. It was interesting to see how it worked to just hear someone speak out from your phone could be a bit disconcerting.

The application didn’t take off and we ended up shuttering it, but it was great to push the limits of user experience. It seemed a lot like a walkie talkie and we could see sparks of where this could be very relevant.

Interruptions are more than annoying, they’re distracting and take us out of focus and flow. However, they’re necessary for synching up information.

Maybe we save push for only a limited number of people in our circles?

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