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Otis announced it was testing Alexa in elevators. This reminded me of the sketch about voice control of elevators in Scotland. However, what it does bring to light is the future ubiquity of voice and that will soon include public spaces.

Amazon has already created a business scenario for Echos with Alexa for Business but I’m curious if there are profiles for Alexa Voice Service enabled devices in public spaces. Clearly, ordering would be disabled. Maybe some Skills would be loaded. However, you wouldn’t want the device to become the motel lobby desktop that’s supposed to be used for printing boarding passes but is so laden with viruses and a random grandma’s photos that you don’t want to touch it.

Yes, you’d want generic information to be presented (sports scores, weather, etc). You wouldn’t want anything streamable to come in. No alarms or reminders that could be set by the user. Maybe no Skills unless they’re designed by the facility?

Additional abilities like Alexa Calling to a reception desk or piping in music could be useful. Let’s see if Amazon adopts any of these ideas.

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