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Something about Prime Day reminds me of the auction sites that sprung up in the early 2000s that had daily deals: slow cookers, off brand sports brand apparel, and speakers. Oh, and garden hoses. It also reminded me of the local liquidators that I’d prowl to try to find items to resell on eBay…

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Local Prime Day equivalent in 2014

Prime Day for non-Amazon items seems to be a bit like this. It’s things that will be just appealing enough but not crazy. Maybe there will be a suitcase that’s 70% off, but it won’t be life changing.

Half off Echos, Fire Tablets, three month subscriptions, 20% off IoT devices. Maybe there will be 30% additional discount if it’s purchased through Alexa?

Amazon needs to inject just enough surprise every year to keep people interested and discussing Prime Day. Maybe we call it minimum viable curiosity? Anything more, and they’ll need to outdo themselves again next year instead of maximizing the revenue for effort.

What would be my dream Prime Day?

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