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Prime Day is upon us. In three days (or two and a bit), Amazon will start offering big deals on different products. This has started to generated counter sales from Best Buy, Walmart, and others. The biggest deal might be on Prime membership itself, especially if ordered through Alexa.

Last Prime Day, there were special deals that were Alexa-exclusive (of course, for Ubi App users, these deals can be accessed from their Android phones). This is likely to happen again.

Is there a way that other companies could counter? Maybe slashing prices on the Google Home? Maybe if Google and Walmart announce a partnership and have some amazing deals available through the Home. Or maybe they do nothing to avoid giving added attention.

Amazon’s opportunity is to get users used to ordering stuff through the Echo. Maybe this means offering free products if ordered on the device? It has to be boring things that someone who not get visual pleasure from shopping for online.

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