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Held hostage by Rosita.

Stuck in the car, I resorted to YouTube for Sesame Street songs featuring Rosita. Spotify didn’t have the songs we (not me… but one kid) wanted but YouTube did have it.

Waiting in the parking lot while another kid had a nap in the other seat, I was hoping I could catch up on some reading or maybe even do some writing while the other child contently listened to the music. However, the YouTube app on Android doesn’t (easily) allow for background play, meaning I was along for the ride.

Take a breath, respirar.

For an hour, Rosita serenaded us. One of us was ecstatic after that car ride.

It made me think about YouTube’s model. If you want to unlock a “feature”, you better pay. Otherwise, the alternative is a subpar experience. I guess the thought is that you can’t play ads in the background as easily or maybe you’d have to monetize them differently if someone could only hear. Maybe this experience will eventually go away but it made me start to think about other places such a model could be applied.

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