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When I was young and sick, I got to stay home from school. One of my favourite things was watching TV during the day. Well, up until about 1 pm. After that, things got boring.

At 11 a.m., The Price is Right came on. Much of The Price is Right is boring too. However, there were a few highlights:

  • The Showcase Showdown
  • Prizes that included a car
  • The final Showcase

More than any of that was Plinko. Except for the first part of the game where contestants win pucks by picking the correct price (more tries), there is no very little skill involved in playing the Plinko board beyond selecting the middle slot.

Statistically, the middle slot is the best. However, beyond that, you just wait for the puck to fall down the peg board.

What I love about Plinko is how it can be used as a metaphor for determinism:

Our DNA, our upbringing, where we were born… all are like the pegs. We can pick the slot but nature will drive towards some outcome.

Maybe there is also a hybrid where we, with much effort, can remove pegs or block some paths. Ponder that while watching Snoop Dogg play…

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