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Instability at Low Power

Of all my hopes for a wonderful future, we’re not getting rid of humans. I can’t foresee this for at least another 20 years. At least over the next 10, people who implement cost saving automation incorrectly might make their customer experience systems more fragile.

Let’s say you’ve cut down 90% of inquiries normally handled by agents to automated bots. Amazing! You then cut down your agent pool. All of a sudden, you get a slight bump in calls. However, only 10% of the workforce remains to handle what would have been considered before normal load.

Now, it’s catastrophic. Average hold times jump, calls get unanswered, those agents remaining are jealous of those who were let go before them. Things escalate very quickly.

If companies haphazardly apply automation, they’re going to have to hope that their customers are patience and that they continue to hold patiently.

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