Playback Issues and Nostalgia

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Playing Spotify through my Google Home Mini today, I became nostalgic. Not because the device was playing Club Hits from 2003, but because the stream kept on getting interrupted and pausing, then replaying. This reminded me of streaming players, circa the same era (like RealPlayer), that would also pause when the buffer stream was interrupted.

It remember the excitement of that time in being able to listen to radio from around the world in high quality audio. I’d stay up late listening to Galgalatz live. Today, listening to any radio seems strange.

What’s interesting is whether there might be a mode through different media to add in nostalgia filters. Maybe a Windows 95 mod for Mac, or VRML versions of Oculus. Or maybe you could see what it’d be like to have your Echo run on a 56 kbps connection? There was something delightful annoying about the music interruptions today that brought me back to an age when I was excited about listening to songs for the first time.

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