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New form factors with Alexa Built-In are interesting. In the case above, Motorola added Alexa to its handsets and base stations. “Alexa, where did I put the cordless phone” is a great use case, even for devices that don’t have external microphones.

Maybe the addition of Alexa is a swipe at Google for casting Motorola off. Maybe it’s just that adding Alexa is easier from a hardware maker perspective than adding Google Assistant — and there is more cooperation.

With such form factors, ubiquitous voice takes another step forward. One use case that would be even more interesting would be to embed Alexa into the voice interaction through the phone. During a conversation, you could then ask Alexa for something and the assistant would oblige. “Alexa, add [contact] name to this call].” Or maybe the phone could support Alexa calling?

There is still territory within the voice hardware space to uncover.

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